With increased minimum wages and a depleting workforce, more and more wineries are switching to mechanical harvesting of vineyards. Here are more reasons why:

  • Lakeview Vineyard Equipment has the largest stock of used grape harvesters in North America
  • All machines come fully inspected and serviced – ready to harvest
  • Complete operator training on operation of the machine, setup in the vineyard, wash-down procedure, and regular maintenance is included in every sale
  • Harvesting speeds average 2 acres/hour
    2 different configurations of transporting harvested fruit;
    • Side discharge arm –unloads as you pick into a trailer of 1-ton bins hauled by a tractor in the row beside the machine *you can still use your existing 1-ton bins*
    • Rear or Side Bins – stores fruit until the end of the row, then dumps to the side or rear of the machine into a bin or gondola (storage onboard up to 4-ton)
  • No vine damage! Gregoire ARC rods are designed to give a clean harvest without breaking canes and remove as little MOG as possible
  • 4 Corner hydraulic lift to tackle side-slopes up to 25% (most models)
  • Able to harvest yields from 1-25ton/acre with limited grape and juice loss, thanks to a sealed picking tunnel with two continuous high capacity conveyor belts
  • Poly catcher trays seal up around each vine and post to catch all the berries, yet are gentle enough on young vines and replants
  • Self-Propelled machines with hydrostatic transmissions allow fully-variable speed control to fine-tune harvest depending on yield, variety, and ground conditions
  • Tight-Turing Self-Propelled and Offset Tow-Behind machines need only 20ft headlands to turn around

View the PDF for more product details and specifications.