Orchard-Rite® Wind Machine Dealer
 Cab Franc – 5 tonne¹ per acre

Value of Crop protected at:

5 tonne per acre²

Value of 15 acres (area protected)


25% Crop loss from frost

38% Crop loss from frost







For an investment3 of $49,700 (CAD) for one Orchard-Rite® 2600 protecting up to 15 acres of grapes, the payback would be:

1 frost with a 38% crop loss

    1. GGO 2018 Annual Report price  per metric tonne
    2. Establishment and Production Costs for Grapes in Ontario, 2014 Economic Report, Ontario Grape Growers
    3. Capital Cost of Orchard-Rite® Model 2600 = $49,700. Includes machine, pad, auto-start, installation – no HST, Service Life = 35 years, 15 acres protected


How much is the capital cost per acre?

  • $49,362 protecting 15 acres = $3,290


How much is the capital cost per vine at 9’ x 4’ spacing (1210 vines per acre)?

  • 1210 vines per acre x 15 acres = 18,150 vines
  • $49,700 divided by 18,150 vines = $2.74 per vine for  a lifetime of protection


By: Ken Slingerland – Wind Machine Specialist, Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc.


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