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  • Clemens Hexagon

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    • Diggers of special steel 80 x 25 with shear guard for shallow or deep cultivation of open rows with chisel or wing shares
    • Adjustable share pitch cultivation, aeration or subsoiling the plants
    • Diggers can be used from both sides
    • C-tines of spring steel 50 x 22 for cultivating the soil with grubber or duckfoot
    • Parashares for optimum subsoiling
    • Disk harrow with 2 x 3 disks (with adjustable angle) for turning-under old plants
    • Sowing and fertilizing machine, electric drive
  • Clemens Teractiv

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    • The width of the solid frame can be adjusted from 43.31 into 62.99 in (extensions of up to 82.68 in are available)
    • The right- or left-side mounted CLEMENS RADIUS SL works carefully and reliably around the plants
    • The entire row is cultivated quickly and perfectly with just one pass.
  • Clemens Teractiv Duo

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    Width of the stable frame can be adjusted from 43.30 in to 62.99 in (models that can extend to 82.86 in are also available)

    Frame on which the Radius machine works between the vines is mounted and can be adjusted hydraulically

    Option of fitting the frame with 3, 5, 6 or 7 flexible tines, depending on the width of the frame and how loose you want the soil.

  • Clemens Cultivator

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    • Narrow all-purpose plough with hydraulic width adjustment.
    • It is particularly suitable for use in nurseries, in vineyards with narrow spacing between rows and for other row crops.
  • Clemens Sub-Soiler

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    The subsoilers from CLEMENS were developed specially to break up compacted areas powerfully and enduringly.

    The cutting action reactivates the roots so that they can finally start to grow properly again.

  • Clemens Eco Roll

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    “ECO-Roll” compresses the vegetation as the spades fitted to the roller bend and knock down the stalks, thereby producing a carpet of mulch that encourages good shaded composting. The plants then grow through and produce the next carpet of organic material. With legumes, this method stimulates the growth of the rhizobia and increases nitrogen fixing.

  • Clemens Rotary Harrow

    Clemens Rotary Harrow

    • Working widths of 39.37 in, 51.18 in, 59.06 in and 68.90 in.
    • Cage roller or packer roller
    • Guttler roller
  • Clemens RADIUS SL

    Clemens Radius SL

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    • All-around weeder RADIUS SL, the eco-friendly alternative to chemical weed control!
    • Chemical-free weeding
    • Flexibility with a variety of front tools and attachments:
      • compensation for slopes, manual control, rotary weeder
  • Clemens RADIUS SL Plus

    Clemens Radius SL Plus

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    • The Radius SL Plus (i.e. transition/changeover shaft) uses the proven technology based on the RADIUS SL.
    • Additional springs and the modification of the tool support allows the installation of various attachments.
  • Clemens MULTI-Clean

    Clemens Multi-Clean

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    • The brush harvester has very strong and smooth cords that protect the vine.
    • With the MULTI-CLEAN you can remove both the vine buds and the weeds simultaneously with one machine.
  • Clemens Serrated Disc Plough

    Clemens Serrated Disc Plow

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    • Simple operation for weeding under the vines
    • Can be adapted to any soil type
    • No herbicide required at all
  • Clemens Finger Hoe

    Clemens Finger Hoe

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    Diameters 15 in, 21 in and 28 in available

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