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  • Clemens Bison Ripper


    $12,500 USD

  • ORSat by Orchard-Rite

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    • Fully-Remote
    • Wind Machine Control System
    • Compatible with Most Laptops & Smartphones
  • Solar Panels

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  • Anemometer | Wind Speed Sensor Kit


    $2,200 USD

    • Prevents machine from starting and running in high winds
    • Installation Included
  • Orchard-Rite Autostart

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    • Start Temperature
    • Warm Up Duration
    • Cool Down Duration
    • Stop Temperature
    • Engine RPM
  • Orchard-Rite 2600 Wind Machine

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    • Saves crops in cold weather (sub -16C) and frost conditions
    • Allows sustainable crop production in harsh spring / winter conditions
    • Allows quality harvest in post frost fall conditions.
    • Approximately 15 Acres Coverage
    • Ford V10 Propane Spec Engine
    • Lower Shear Pin Coupler
    • NEW Stainless Steel Engine Hood
    • Electronic Ignition and Engine Control System
  • Clemens Finger Roller/Weeder


    $14,000 USD


  • Clemens RADIUS SL Plus

    Clemens Radius SL Plus

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    • The Radius SL Plus (i.e. transition/changeover shaft) uses the proven technology based on the RADIUS SL.
    • Additional springs and the modification of the tool support allows the installation of various attachments.
  • Clemens Hexagon

    Call for Pricing

    • Diggers of special steel 80 x 25 with shear guard for shallow or deep cultivation of open rows with chisel or wing shares
    • Adjustable share pitch cultivation, aeration or subsoiling the plants
    • Diggers can be used from both sides
    • C-tines of spring steel 50 x 22 for cultivating the soil with grubber or duckfoot
    • Parashares for optimum subsoiling
    • Disk harrow with 2 x 3 disks (with adjustable angle) for turning-under old plants
    • Sowing and fertilizing machine, electric drive
  • Acampo Rotary Mower


    $16,000 USD

    • The heaviest rotary mower/shredder on the market
    • Ultra Heavy Duty Gearboxes
    • 4 HD High Speed Blades with Side Anvils
    • Adjustable Rear Plate to Set Shredding Size
    • 3pt Mount
    • Replaceable Wear Sides
    • 4 Rear Swiveling Tires for Low Compaction and Flotation
    • Easy Setup with Rear Wheel Height Adjustment
    • 72″ Cut
    • 1 Year Warranty


Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc. has always considered the health and safety of our staff and customers as our number one priority. This is especially true for us now. We must continue to take new measures of precaution due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have made a few updates to our current COVID-19 protocols and client service offerings. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time.

Updates in our service offerings due to COVID-19:

CURBSIDE PICKUP: Continues to be available for all of your essential products, our store remains closed to the public. 
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