Orchard-Rite designed and developed the Auto-Start system to improve the efficiency of operating your wind machine. The system is the most convenient and economical way to manage spring frosts and winter freezes. Pre-setting start and stop temperatures reduce fuel and labour costs. The Auto-Start system can be retrofitted to most makes and models of wind machines.

A temperature probe located inside of the protection area measures the ambient temperature in the orchard or growing field. The ambient temperature is continuously monitored by the Orchard-Rite Auto-Start system. When the temperature drops to a pre-set level, the Auto-Start sounds an alarm before starting the wind machine. When the temperature rises to the pre-set shutdown temperature, the wind machine is automatically shut down by the Auto-Start system.

The Auto-Start option is a great convenience to growers, but it's more than a convenience. Orchard-Rite's Auto-Start system reduces labour and fuel costs by automatically starting and stopping the wind machine in a more efficient and timely manner.

- The Orchard-Rite Management -

Click here to download the Auto-Start Owner's Manual June, 2008 - Rev 01